Elms Building Opening

It was an honour for HNW Architects to be invited yesterday to the Official Opening Ceremony of the new Elms Building at BHASVIC (Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College). The project was actually completed nearly a year ago but given the disruption and uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the Elms Building is finally getting the use and occupation it was created for.

The Elms Building combines a wide range of uses including a new Theatre, Digital Media Studios, Music Studios and Science Labs, bringing Students together in the collaborative Social-Study spaces provided throughout. This theme of #collaboration, #ownership and #inclusivity was captured by impressive Drama, Dance and Music presentations by the Students and topped with a speech from the Student Union President describing what the new space means to her and fellow Students. It was particularly fitting that the official ribbon was then cut by the Student Union themselves.

Designed by HNW and then constructed throughout the pandemic by Brymor Construction, the project is proof of what great teamwork and collaboration can achieve, even in difficult times. Congratulations to all involved.

0ctober 2021