Chartered Technologists – Alex & Daryl

More personal and professional achievements from our Team at HNW; we want to offer a huge congratulations to both Alex and Daryl, Architectural Technologist and Senior Technologist respectively for receiving their CIAT Chartered Memberships recently.

Daryl has worked on a host of notable projects at HNW, including the recently completed Portsmouth Audi Aftersales Centre for Harwoods and Hale End Court, our Independent Living and Extra Care housing project for Woking Borough Council. Daryl continues to contribute both socially and professionally to our Team, and we are really pleased that this breadth of experience has been awarded through this qualification.

Alex joined HNW after graduating from Brighton University with a degree in Architectural Technology. Since joining HNW, Alex has been appointed as the co-chair of the CIAT South East Region aspirATion, where he helps new graduates and students understand more about CIAT and continued professional development and also has a keen interest in all things VR and AR, contributing to HNW’s Digital Plan.

August 2021