A year in reflection

After settling into 2022, we wanted to reflect on 2021 and how big of a year it was for us at HNW Architects.

We designed, we collaborated, we won projects, we won awards, we made new friends and met new people, we gained approvals and added value to our clients and customers sites, we took projects through to completion, we took big sustainable steps forward with the RIBA 2030 Challenge and planning our roadmap to meeting it, we expanded, we evolved and we built upon our #SustainableSocialLegacy.

2021 was the year of our 30th anniversary and with that we accomplished many huge achievements. As a practice we opened a second studio hub in Brighton that allows everyone at HNW to have the flexibility in their working environment and expands our reach across the south coast and further afield.

We had qualifications completed throughout the practice, from passivhaus designer accreditation’s to ARB and CIAT successes.

We had new starters and we had internal promotions to Associate and Associate Director, as well as two new directors joining the board.

We’ve had online and offline social events, including our office study trip to Brighton, quiz nights, and of course eating lots of cake along the way.

Even though 2021 has ended we are continuing that momentum into 2022 and have lots of exciting plans, news, opportunities and projects we hope to share details of in the coming months. We can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us and we look forward to talking to, and working with many of you along the way…