Which type of architect do I need?

If you need to hire an architect for a project, you may assume that they all have the same kind of training, but there are more types of architects than you’d imagine.The type of architect you choose is determined in accordance with the area that an architect specialises in. So, if there is, for example, a residential building that needs to be built, then the architect you’ll need to go for is going to be a residential architect.
When it comes to creating architectural designs, there are various areas for architects to focus on: education, residential, commercial, community and civic, conservation, master planning and interiors. Here, we take a brief look at the various kinds of architect there are, and why they might specialise in different fields.


The architect that covers this area will be focusing upon designing spaces that will bring an engaging, friendly and secure atmosphere to a classroom, school or college learning resource centre. Educational designs can be done in a way that makes learning flexible, and offers a learning environment that both stimulates the mind, and offers a tranquil setting.


A residential architect will focus upon creating either dense city schemes or homes for individuals. This type of architect is specialised in masterplanning and his or her goal is that of providing their client with the desired home space. Particularly when it comes to large apartment blocks, space saving techniques can be used to get the most living space out of any given area.


The architect specialising in commercial design is trained in such a way as to understand the fundamental factors for commercial design- functionality, brand awareness and also a commercial awareness of the importance of expedience.

Community and civic

A Community and civic architect needs to understand the importance of making his or her design in accordance with the regulations for the environment of conservation areas, and making sure that the project won’t bring any negative effects. This type of architect will design public buildings and will work with Local and Regional authorities to ensure building standards are adhered to, as well as strict budgets.


The architect that will have as their main focuswill mainly focusupon small-scale sensitive renovation schemes and significant remodelling and revitalisation of buildings. Sometimes working with recycled and re-used products is something a conservation architect will have to consider when planning the design.
The architect working in this area focuses upon creating an environmental design and amelioration that can be easily integrated in an architectural framework. Importance is given to integrating the project in the overall need of a community, while the goal is to bring an urban regeneration.
The architect specialised in interior design works with both public and private clients within the residential, commercial and education sectors. He or she must work with the outer architecture provided already, and improve the inside of the building to either contrast or fit into the structure, or shell already in place.
Now you know a little about the different types of architect, you’re in a better place to find one for your project. Here at HNW, we have a wealth of experience in every sector and can provide you with the service you need, by an architect specialising in your field.