The Beauty of Post-war Architecture revealed

Antique and vintage architectural designs have always stolen the spotlight away from postwar creations and it’s become increasingly the case that postwar architecture is widely ignored. However, this thought is rapidly changing and over the last few years, we have seen a number of instances where postwar architecture is beginning to get some praise. The effort that designers and specialist architects have shown in mimicking older creations and coming up with elegant models is quite remarkable. There are many modern architectural designs that showcase the ultimate in creativity and excellence in design as well as aesthetic beauty.

Some of the best post-war architecture

Conservation architects did well after the war to recapture elegant designs that existed before the grand destruction. Many commercial architects now use old models and new ideas to create hybrid picturesque structures for different buildings. Innovative architects are also constantly researching new markets and vintage plans that can be used to create magnificent structures of modern times. Some of the postwar buildings that have received praise include the following;

  • Hanging gardens of Basingstoke – This is one of the new postwar buildings to be listed as a landmark. Also known as the Gateway House, this building has one of the sections leaning into the street and a curving prow that bring back memories of the Tower of Pisa. Foliage has been left to form around the building, which gives it a striking look.
  • Country House, Warwickshire – This is a model that is rapidly gaining popularity in England and encroaching into its greenest parts. This amazing stone and stucco designed mansion is to be erected in a natural remote setting surrounded by wildflower meadows, a few ponds and an orchard garden.
  • The Mackintosh ideal houses – While his designs were available even before the two greatest wars, Mackintosh models waited for the postwar era to be actualized. The weighty buttresses, crushed aisles, massive chimneys and continuous wall are simply incredible. From an outside view, it looks like all the houses are moulded from one giant stone.

There are many other praiseworthy postwar buildings including Balthazar in Yangon, Serenity in Nottinghamshire (by Hampshire architects), Downley House and Remoulded Tower of Pisa among others.

Finding elegant modern architectural designs is not difficult if you’re willing to look for them and there are various buildings that are just as aesthetically beautiful as vintage models. Kent, Hampshire and West Sussex architects among others all across the UK have potential to come up with picturesque designs that will be heritage landmarks for coming generations. The above list only contains a couple of renowned postwar structures that attract high praise from architecture lovers. There are hundreds more distributed in various places around the world.