Congratulations to Arunima for being featured on the #RIBAFutureArchitects #Classof2020 showcase for her end of year project ‘Adaptive Reuse’. Arunima has been undertaking her RIBA Part II studies at the University of Portsmouth whilst working as part of the HNW Architects team. It is great to see the current and future talents within our team being recognised to such a wide audience.

Arunima said; ‘Adaptive Reuse’ of existing buildings was the focus of this thesis year. My thesis design delicately yet deliberately rises from the ruins of Norman Southampton, respecting the site’s history and preserving its essence.

Techniques such as photogrammetry, image sampling and palimpsest sketches have been used to provide an in-depth understanding of the historic context. The building programme is a ‘Memory Palace’ with a collection of new and old buildings that unite the remaining fragments of the old city walls. This contemporary museum houses a collection of historic artefacts within interactive spaces such as the Pulleys, Artefact Pool and Mazes. The site is not only an ode to the evolution of Southampton but also, a blueprint for saving urban artefacts that are open to urban decay.’

August 2020