Primary School

"Very few headteachers get to start a new school and develop a new building. It was an incredibly emotional day as these have been very demanding on time and energy for nearly 3 years .....

"We all are very grateful for all your hard work and vision and are proud to be the first caretakers of this lovely learning environment." - Head Teacher, St Francis PS, IoW

HNW work closely with individual primary schools, their governing bodies and the overarching authorities to ensure that we are at the forefront of understanding of learning and teaching methodologies. This knowledge based approach ensures that we are best placed to realise the aspirations of each client through innovative design solutions.

Every school project is an opportunity not only to deliver a special requirement but crucially to create a secure, enjoyable environment where children, teachers and helpers can all flourish, develop and grow.

Our designs focus on learning opportunities in all areas inside and outside the classroom, inside and outside the building.