Further Education

“HNW have provided an exceptional service as novated designers [for Uxbridge College], their attention to detail at the preconstruction stage has allowed the contractor to develop the design to the complete satisfaction of the College.”

For more than 20 years, HNW has been at the design forefront in the constantly growing and changing world of Further Education (FE). Competition and award-winning designs have proved our pedigree in this field, based as ever on knowledge-based design development. Competition and award winning designs are the backbone of our portfolio.

Early engagement with the myriad key stakeholders both within and externally associated with a college is vital in this sector, particularly because of the significance of FE colleges as key members of their communities both as significant employers but also crucially for their part in the provision of workforce training.

Our skills in FE are further enhanced in today’s market as the line between further and higher education blurs. Many of our FE Clients provide foundation HE opportunities in addition to their core vocational courses and training.