Within the education sector, the importance of the physical environment and its effects on teaching and learning cannot be underestimated. Whether we are designing infant spaces where an engaging, friendly and secure atmosphere help to promote an enthusiasm for learning, or a college learning resource centre which provides a tranquil and professional experience as young people begin that transition towards the workplace, every building is an opportunity to better the life and learning experiences of its users. Aspirational design underpins our responses to every design challenge

At HNW Architects, we are recognised for our ability to translate and resolve the complex and often contradictory requirements of budget, standards and pedagogy. We begin by understanding the Clients, end users and other key stakeholders, exploring their needs and aspirations to develop a concise and shared set of goals from which the project's journey to completion may evolve.

Our schemes develop as holistic responses, bringing together architecture, interiors and brand to deliver a sense of place, individuality and identity as a reflection of the uniqueness of each campus or client.