Gaining my Part 3 Experience at HNW (James Howells)

I joined HNW seeking exposure to the world of construction and Architecture. Having spent 1.5 years in a small domestic office, I found I needed to experience the wider scale of Architecture. HNW has given me a fantastic level of experience in larger design teams, working on complex and challenging projects of a variety of size and type – Educational, Residental and Community.

As I joined the practice after completing my MA at the University of Portsmouth, I began preparing for my Part 3 final examination studies. HNW have been incredibly supportive since day one, with a wealth of experience in year out employment for both Part 1 and 2 and a long-standing connection back to the University. I have been mentored by a talented and knowledgeable Architect throughout this year and have been given a great deal of independence and responsibility on my projects - acting as valuable case studies for my Part 3.

I have had a high level of involvement in all RIBA work stages, from meeting the client and initial feasibility, with plenty of design work - through to the technical and tender stages and so on. There have been a wide range of sites that I have worked on, ranging up to £15million, I have experienced a variety of differing appointment types and procurement routes. Most notably - St Mary’s Catholic School – a 2 stage Design and Build primary school just outside of London. I have taken this project from Stage D through to Tender. I was responsible for providing the complex construction package, and have had a role in coordinating with a variety of disciplines, consultants and contractors, through regular design team meetings and the extensive use of BIM and Revit.

In addition a notable project has been a Boarding School dug into the wrapping contours of the woodland setting, I have worked on this since inception and the initial meetings with the client and have played a primary role in the brief, concept and feasibility proposal of the project. I have experienced a great deal of time and resource management work to ensure that the tight deadlines are met and gained further understanding in the running of a business.

As a medium sized practice, staff are very open and inviting when I have been faced with a question or difficulty when working on a project. There is always someone who has a great understanding of the subject at hand. The studio arrangement makes for natural and flowing team work and fluid integration within the practice. Very quickly I have learnt and developed my knowledge and understanding, and I shall continue to do so at HNW.

Click this Link to download a case study of James' experiences at HNW so far.